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Minggu, 25 Desember 2011

Configuring Mobile Hotspot Wireless Tethering Android Samsung Galaxy Mini

Without us knowing that a Samsung Galaxy Mini can already configure as Access Point.Here's how to configure Mobile Wireless Tethering Android Galaxy Mini SamsungGT-S5570, in order to be a Wireless HotSpot / Access Point. By utilizing this feature, we nolonger need to use a USB 3G modem that we have and not need to replace Simcard cardsas well as more practical use of such uses WiFi HotSpot Access Point in general. Step One: We go to the menu Settings / Settings.

Second:  We go to the Wireless and Networking.

Third: Go to the Mobile Network menu, we first switch the packet data / internet (accordingto the services we use from Simcard Telco provider).

Fourth: Activate / checkmark Service Pack data.

Fifth: In commemoration use of the data packet will be no confirmation as below. Then select OK.

Sixth: Data Package is already active.

Sixth: Next we go to the Tethering & Portable HotSpot. If you do not already haveAndroid this menu, you can download and install the application it from here: 

Seventh: Then we go to the Configuration menu Mobile AP.

Eighth: Then we do the settings in Android WIFI System we are the same as if we'resetting up the Access Point in general. Specify the name of the SSID, Type Security /Security and Password, then select Save menu and then we have a Mobile Access Pointor Portable HotSpot.

Ninth: Make sure the sign on the Mobile Check Checkmark or AP like the image below asPortable Hotspot a sign that we have been active.

Tenth: Exit the Settings menu and the display appears as shown below.

Eleventh: Next we Wifi Scan around us and we try to connect our laptop to the PortableHotspot that we have made earlier by the name AndroidAP-007.

In addition to functioning as an Access Point, Galaxy Mini Samsung GT-S5570 can also function as a DHCP server so that the Client PC or laptop connected to the Access Pointwill obtain an IP Address Automatically. But we can also manually set the IP address of hissuit our needs, IP Address AP serves as the Gateway and DNS Server are as follows:
Device IP Address:
IP Gateway:
DNS Server IP:

By using the Galaxy Mini Samsung GT-S5570, we now no longer bother to use a modemfor Internet connection. Mobile we can already positioned as a Hotspot Access Point isconnected to the Laptop / Computer

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